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DIAMOND HOCKEY was created with a thought that DIAMONDS are the hardest most brilliant substance known to Humans, like Hockey Players are some of the toughest, both physically and mentally , greatest athletes known to Sports.  Take a look at ESPN Sports Ranking of most difficult Sports to see where Hockey Ranks.  
In order to form a DIAMOND or create an Elite Hockey Player we must start 1st with building the proper foundation.  
High Pressure and High Temperatures are the forces needed to create a Diamond.  Just as constant repetition of Age Appropriate Hockey Drills, over a long period of time, at Both Low and High Pressure situations, create the Elite Hockey Player. 

The 5 Main categories of Basic foundational Hockey Skills include; Skating, Stick-handling, Passing, Shooting & Checking.  Within these 5 Main categories include Sub Categories for example, Skating: Balance, Agility & Coordination,  Edge Control,  Starts & Stops, Forward Stride, Backwards, Turning, Cross Overs & Transitions. 
Another example could be Shooting: Wrist Shots, Backhand Shots, Snap Shots and Slap Shots. 
These Sub Categories of Skills are broken down even further and must be taught in a proper progression, like the DIAMOND and it's LATTICE of CRYSTALS that properly form to create it's STRONG STRUCTURE and FOUNDATION.  Once these Basic Core Skills are mastered you can move on to more complex multi tasking hockey training, to include, 
Specific Forward , Specific Defense and Team Specific Skills.   

The final 8 Categories of Skills Development are Best represented when we flip the Diamond Illustration, shown above, Upside Down.  The Largest category of Hockey Skills, represented at the Top of the Diamond, in the form of a Black Pyramid, is #1 Skating.  Following that are the Smaller Black Pyramids at the Bottom of the DIAMOND from Left to Right.
2 Puck Control, 3 
Passing, 4 Shooting, 5 Checking, 6 Forward Specific, 7 Defense Specific, 8 Team Specific Skills.

These 8 Hockey Skill categories are Mastered only with a consistent Desire, Dedication, Determination and Discipline from an Individual Athlete or Team and Constant Positive Reinforcement and Proper Age Appropriate Progression of Skills & Selective Drills by a Mentor or Coach / Coaches or a Team of Mentors / Coaches. 

Where DIAMOND HOCKEY Excels is in evaluating & identifying where an Individual Athlete, Group  or Team is along the Lattice Work of  the 8 Hockey Skills / Athletic Development.  Determines the right course of Action to develop its Players to become Elite Hockey Players, Teammates and Teams.   

  Thank You for Supporting DIAMOND HOCKEY. 
Look forward to seeing you and your Family at the Rink!


Building, Developing & Reinforcing Strong Foundational & Advance Hockey Skills - Smarts - Strength & Speed to Stay a Cut Above the Rest!


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